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Our referral program is your opportunity to partner with an ethical, student-centric company that offers a high-quality, high-converting Amazon education program with one of the lowest refund rates in the industry.

"How do we attract the right students, with the right expectations to a program that gives them the best possible
chance of building a reliable income stream?"

With your help of course!

People Before Profits...

We believe that the next evolution in the online training industry has to include a fundamental shift in how we think about the success of the courses we create.

We are dedicated to setting the correct expectations so that students have a remarkable experience with us, rather than being sold a false journey. This is why so many of our existing students refer new students to the Academy.

At Reliable Education the question we ask ourselves every single day is this: “How do we attract the right students, with the right expectations, to a program that gives them the best possible chance of building a reliable income stream?”

Why Give-Away The 4 Free Introductory Videos?

Rather than tell people how good our training is, we made the strategic decision to show them by providing a free professionally produced, 4-part online training program.

Aside from providing high-quality content, the free 4-part training program (delivered over 7 days) take people on a journey during which they determine if an Amazon side-business is right for them (or not).

  • Video #1

    In this first video, Adam takes you on a tour while he explains how it’s possible to build a little side-business by partnering with Amazon.

  • Video #2

    In the second video, Adam explains how he identifies product opportunities for Amazon. To demonstrate these ideas, Adam shows you real products and why they may or may not be good for selling on Amazon.

  • Video #3

    In the third video students learn how to grow an online income using Amazon as the vehicle.

  • Video #4

    In the final video, Adam gives his honest opinion on who should join his paid program & why.

Live Welcome Calls...

As part of our commitment to raising standards in the online training industry, every new applicant is welcomed to the Reliable Income community by one of our US-based customer service team. These folks are employed for the sole purpose of ensuring that our students feel valued and that they know we are legitimately here to help them achieve their business goals.

These live on-boarding calls last about 30 minutes and routinely surprise students, most of whom have never been personally welcomed by any company (online or bricks & mortar) that they’ve purchased from.

It is through these on-boarding approval calls that we also ‘reject' any student applications we feel are going to be wrong for our community based on mindset, attitude, expectations, lack of financial resources or some other clear indicator.

Student Community...

Aside from access to the Reliable Income Academy (which contains more than 80 online lessons and webinars), approved students are also invited into our student-only private Facebook community and also given the opportunity to join one of our Mastermind groups that run in cities all over the world.

Each Mastermind group is formed with the assistance of the Reliable Income team and are generally capped at 5 participants per group to ensure a real sense of community.

These groups usually meet every two weeks online, although quite often they meet in-person as we try to group students by location wherever possible.

Testing has shown that those who join a Reliable Income Mastermind group are 3X more likely to successfully list a product on Amazon versus those that choose to go it alone.

It all comes down to accountability, encouragement and implementation, all of which members get if they join a professionally structured student Reliable Income Student Mastermind.

Community Feedback...

At the end of the day the proof is in the pudding as they say!
Here are just some of the many kind words that students have had to say about their involvement with the Reliable Income Academy.

None of the following were solicited (& this is just the tip of the iceberg):

  • “This is one of the key things I love about Reliable Income - the high level of caring & sharing. Thanks Adam.”
  • “A+ on all fronts. It’s so refreshing NOT to be treated like an idiot by an online training company. The Reliable Income team are the real deal.”
  • “Thanks for the encouragement and all the hard work you’re putting in to create such powerful content.”
  • “I am part of a Reliable Income mastermind group that is full of people that enjoy massive action. Really enjoying this journey and love the repeatable process to success."
  • "Thanks Adam for a great program to help me make a huge positive change in my life!”
  • “I feel privileged to be joining this positive and inspirational group of entrepreneurs.”

Giving Back...

At Reliable Education we believe that opportunity is something that everyone should enjoy.

That’s why for every new student that joins the Reliable Income course we make an interest-free micro-loan through to an aspiring entrepreneur in a third world country.

These loans enable people to buy seeds to grow crops, inventory to expand stores or equipment to increase production efficiencies. When the loan is repaid we lend the money again which keeps the good going.

Sir Richard Branson’s ‘Virgin Unite’ was the inspiration to integrate charitable giving into our own business model.

A Strict Code-of-Conduct...

When people invest in premium education they are exchanging money based on trust - money they gave a piece of their life to earn. At Reliable Education we take that exchange seriously because time is something that can never be refunded.

With that in mind, our students’ experience of us begins the moment that they receive any communication from any source about us.

Therefore if accepted as a Reliable Education referral partner you will be held to our own strict code of conduct:

  • Truth in marketing. No hype. No gross revenue quoting without net margin disclosure. No messages of fast or easy success.
  • Be kind. Life is too short and too wonderful to be an douche bag - so don’t be one. Always take the high road.
  • Most people are good. We believe that most people are good and we treat them as such. In cases where this assumption fails we have a one-strike-and-you’re-out-policy. We will not tolerate aggressive, abusive, racist or other douchey behavior.
  • Over-deliver on the promise. We give more than expected.
  • Responsible expectation setting. Making money on Amazon is not fast and it’s not easy. If you tell people it is then you are setting them up to fail. We don’t do that.
  • People before profits. If someone isn’t right for the program we don’t take their money. If someone is unhappy for any reason at any time, we refund them (no questions asked).

Professional Partnerships...

By allowing only the highest calibre referral partners to join the program, this is proving successful in building an organization that leads the market in educating students around the world how to build a reliable income on the Amazon platform.

As one of our referral partners, if you ever require assistance we have a dedicated support team to look after you...our students' success is your success!

If you wish to apply to join the Reliable Education Referral Program, please use the application form on this page.

We look forward to working with you.

Adam Hudson, Founder

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