Posted on December 21, 2015 Part 4: Adam gets interviewed in Beverly Hills

Amanda: Hey everyone, it’s Matt, Amanda, and Adam again. I know that you still have a lot more questions, based on the conversation we’ve had with Adam and Matt. So what we’ve decided to do is put together a webinar for you. You’ll get the most amount of juice, have all your questions answered, and ultimately find out if this is the right vehicle for you, as it has been for us and Adam.

Matt: Look, when you’re trying to learn something new, samples and getting some good videos is helpful to understand what it’s all about. But, really getting into the nitty-gritty of how everything actually works, the how-to is even more helpful. And that’s why we decided doing a webinar for you guys.

Adam: So, for those of you watching this from your house in Australia, there’s going to be a lot you might want to see, and so right now we’re talking about concepts, which is a little bit abstract. In the webinar, I actually go and give people strange shots and photographs of actual products on Amazon. Then I show them how much money they’re actually making, so you can actually get a real grip of that kind of concept, and it blows people away. I have a friend in Australia who sells rice, right? He sells rice into Woolworths and Coles. It’s just packets of rice that he sends Woolworths and Coles, and it gets sold around Australia. He just got bought out for a multi-million dollar amount of money.

It was just one single product that was in eight hundred stores around the country. Well, Amazon does more than double the revenue of Woolworths, which is the largest company in Australia, with sixty-three thousand employees. So, imagine having a product that you can put into a company much bigger than every Woolworths and, but that’s not just Woolworths, it’s everything Woolworths owns, right? So, the power of having a product and being able to leverage it into the largest marketplace in the world—you can make a lot of money from a very simple thing. So, in the webinar I’ll give you examples of things that are made for retail, for like twelve bucks. Some of these products end up making the seller fifteen hundred dollars a day in sales. I actually showed that in the webinar, so I’ll show you real examples of real products, some of which you’ve never even seen. And you’ll sit there and go, “I can’t believe people are selling that much of that.” And that’s the power of Amazon. You can, with the same account you sell into America, you can sell into Japan, the UK. You can sell globally. Sitting in Australia, with your little iPhone, while just telling your factory in China to put a different sticker on the box.

Matt: I like that. I like that because we’re all about multiple income streams.

Adam: Right.

Matt: On the webinar, you can share with people, a) The basics of getting started, b) Real live examples of how and what people can actually sell, and how to do it. You can set up and show the possibility of multiple income streams—all simple, all working.

Adam: A hundred percent. And show some very simple things that people were asking about during the last few webinars. How you actually create income, because that’s everybody’s dream. You don’t want to jump into a difficult niche where there are lots of competitors –

Amanda: Exactly.

Adam: With five hundred other students all being educated in the same hacks. I’m sorry.

Amanda: If you’re listening to this video right now, you know that we’re all about multiple income streams, the simplistic way, and that’s what I believe Adam has been teaching with his Amazon course, and that’s why I’m so excited to bring that to our students. You absolutely must watch it, a must-watch video to have your eyes opened up to what’s possible in America. We’ve spent so much time here in America, and we see it with our own eyes, but if you’ve never travelled here … it’s incredible, the opportunities.

Adam: One of the first things I did with Amanda when I came here the first time—I went for a helicopter flight.

Amanda: Wow.

Adam: Just flew around Los Angeles, you know?

Amanda: Wow, blew my mind.

Adam: You can’t help but look out the window and go, “If only I could sell something for a dollar to all these people.”

Amanda: To every person there.

Adam: So, in the webinar, I think it’s a live webinar. I’m going to be taking questions, so you guys will be able to ask me directly on the webinar.

Amanda: Oh, cool.

Adam: So, it’s an opportunity to really get your questions answered, and I encourage everyone, even if you don’t have a question, sit in for the cue, because some people might ask a question that you didn’t think of.

I’m super excited about the program. I named it Reliable Income, because it’s not about massive income, it’s not about fast income, it’s about reliable income. As you get older, I’m forty-one now; I don’t want a stressful life. I want an easeful life. I don’t need millions of dollars, I just need to know that my bills are paid for, and I have my time.

Ultimately, that’s what we’re going to trade our money for. It’s really for those people who are tired of quick fixes, hacks, and fighting over bread crumbs. People who want to build a solid, long-term business, in a reasonable timeframe.

Amanda: Yeah. Sorry to interrupt, just, where you hit a really good mark in is time. What we’re talking about here is giving people time. Because, let’s get real, no one wants another business. We all just want time to do what we want.

The last point I want to make before Matt finishes up is, get your pen and paper because in this webinar, you’ll have great questions, and I know Adam will have the answers.

Matt: Yeah, so, one of the great things is that we always teach simplistically. Adam also teaches simplistically. We’ve also learnt a lot from Adam with his program and all he had sold on Amazon, so thank you so much for all your help.

Amanda: Appreciate it.

Matt: So, what you need to do is: there’s a registration button below that’ll take you to the registration page, and I’m sure Adam also got some more information there about the webinar—when it’s on, and also when to dial in. We encourage you, right now, click on the registration button directly below this video. Make sure you register. Make sure you show up, because the information and the content Adam has provided with us has contributed to our life, made our business life so much easier and simpler for this platform, and we absolutely know it can do the same for you.

Amanda: And look at the lives we all get to live. We’re in America right now, travelling. You can have the amazing lifestyle of your dreams, if you take action. See you at the webinar.

Adam: Bye for now.

Matt: Bye.