Posted on March 4, 2016 REVEALED: The dirty truth about how long it takes to be successful on Amazon.

Hey guys, Adam here. I just wanted to give you a quick word of encouragement this morning.

A lot of times, when people are new to Amazon, they get depressed really easily. Amazon is not a quick, easy business. It’s not, “Finish the course, go get the product, and start making money next month.” It can take several months of development.

I was just with friends last night, and they were asking me about my Amazon business. They asked, “How long does it take?” And I guided them through a new brand that I’ve just launched with my product. We’re launching six products in that brand, and, really, it’s been six months, and the products are shipping out of China just today. It took us six months from the time we talked about it over coffee, to developing a brand name, getting a logo design, finding the right products, getting samples from China, choosing the sample, negotiating with the supplier, and getting our first order in. We ordered about three thousand units.

It took about six months, and they’re leaving China, so they may not be for sale on Amazon for another two months. It’ll be eight months to the start line, okay? Then, from that eight month start line, we then have another month of getting reviews on those products, and after that, we’ll start publishing them on Amazon advertising. We’ll start seeing the production ranking.

So, it’ll be around the end of the first year that we start to see some return on our six products. It might be until the following year, or even year two, that we actually start to make some good, reliable income out of that little suite of products. Now, with that, and the numbers, we believe that with each of those six products, we’ll probably average between one and two hundred dollars a day in sales. If you do the math there, that’s about nine hundred dollars a day in sales, and a margin of about forty percent.

So, when you really stop and think about that, let’s say we’re making five hundred dollars a day out of that small suite of products that we managed to put together (for around ten or twelve thousand dollars)—that’s an amazing, amazing result. It’s about three and a half thousand US dollars a week, almost passively, coming in after that first year of work. That’s phenomenal.

We would then reinvest those profits, expanding from six to ten products, and then from ten to twenty products, and over the course of three or four years, we’ll have several nice, developed brands—all in similar niches. In addition, a lot of the work was already done in the first year, which was brand development, building relationships with the suppliers, and all the other stuff. So, keep your eyes on the prize, guys.

When you first start, you’re more than likely going to find one little widget, like a mouse pad or something like that, and it can seem like a long road. But, once you get your head all steamed up, once you know what you’re doing, and you know how to get your photos made, and you know how to deal with the Chinese, it just become fun. Stick around until the fun part. Keep going, and don’t be a quitter.

Most people quit, and that’s great news for the rest of us. We love the fact people are going to get excited and do nothing, okay? So, plug away, and stick with simple numbers. Just stay focused on the mathematics, that’s all there’s to it.

Have an awesome day out there, and thanks for watching. Bye for now.