Posted on March 11, 2016 Video Update Continued: Adam in Beijing at his Amazon suppliers factories.

Adam: Hey guys, Adam here. You’re about to watch a really awesome video that I made in Beijing the day before yesterday. It was shot in one of the factories that I buy from.

Now, I want to apologize in advance, I had to edit this video in a few parts, so you’re going to see that certain parts sort of got cut together quite crudely, and in a couple of other parts, I had to dull the sound.

The reason I did that is, one of the challenges I have in being your teacher, is that I’m also an Amazon seller myself. I think it’s really important that your teacher is an Amazon seller themselves as well, because the challenge that I face is, of course, this course is going to be seen by a lot of people, and I’m a little bit protective of the exact type of product that I personally sell, because I don’t want to direct everybody to being my competitor.

So, in certain parts of this video, I did have to edit things, and I did turn the volume down just on a couple of statements that I made. I hope you understand. I’m sorry that I had to do that, but I think if you were in my shoes, you’d do the same thing. I just didn’t want you to miss the opportunity to look inside a real Chinese factory. I was pleasantly surprised. I found happy workers, in good, well ventilated, well-lit, good working environments.

I just didn’t expect, when I got there, to get to a campus of eight or ten buildings, with bosses running the employees around from one to the other. I thought I was making a big order. I just spent close to a hundred thousand dollars in the last month with this supply that you’re about to see, and the supply I’m going to get Monday. But, I was still a small customer in the scheme of their business over there. So, hopefully you enjoy this little insight into a factory in Beijing. It was just like being in the outskirts of Las Vegas, actually. They have very similar topography. You could have just switched the billboards around the burger joints and you would have just as easily been in Las Vegas. It was cold. It was wine country. We saw the Great Wall on the way out. It was just an extraordinary experience—one that I can’t recommend highly enough to all of you. So, enjoy the tour, thanks for watching, and hopefully you’re getting something out of these videos. Bye for now.

Hey guys, we’re in the car and we’re on our way. We’re currently in the middle of Beijing traffic, and I have my guide. This is Janet. Say hi, Janet.

Janet: Hi, hi guys.

Adam: She’s going to be my guide for today. We’re heading out to Hebei province right now, and I’ll be giving you updates on the way.

Hey guys, Adam here. I’m inside the raw materials room here. As you can see, they’re making raw materials in the background. What swings around behind us is actually the factory it in, and they make about sixty tons of [silenced] every day in this factory, which is then made into all kinds of different products. It‘s minus 3 degrees here at the moment, so we’re going to keep moving.

Okay guys, now we’re actually inside one of the manufacturing rooms. They’re making all kinds of interesting products. What’s fascinating about this place is that there are about ten of these buildings in this one campus. They process in one place, and have got a factory just for packaging in another, and right now, as I said, I’m standing in one of three buildings, where they make consumer products, which are made from the raw materials. It’s absolutely fascinating to be standing here and watching the products be turned into the end product. Let’s keep going, and I hope you are enjoying the tour.

Hey guys, I have just finished having lunch with the factory owners, San and their general manager, and where I’m standing right now, this is quite remarkable. This is actually the hotel owned by the company that’s inside what they called their campus. They have about eight buildings, which is from the raw supply end, all the way through to the manufacturing, packaging. Everything is all in one kind of commercial estate, and they’ve just built this twenty-two-story hotel here, as well. They’ve just treated me to a luncheon upstairs, which was an experience all on its own. I’ve never had so much food put in front of me. They actually offered me a free visit to their hotel, next time I come around, which is impressive, since it’s a really nice hotel. I never expected to see that. It’s just one thing after another here. It’s quite extraordinary, getting on the ground and meeting the people.

I’m about to go now to part two of the tour, where we’re going to look in the showroom, their packaging facility, and one more workshop, where they’re actually turning raw materials into end user products that they sell everywhere. One thing I learnt at lunch, which was quite interesting, is that they said some of the customers now are Indian factories that are ordering the processed materials, so they process the raw materials into usable, manipulatable products. But, it’s then made in India, where label is even cheaper now than in China.